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Why TELECOM LEASE GENIUSMost "cell tower lease experts" aren't really EXPERTS.

by: Steve Kazella, TOWER GENIUS LLC. June 29, 2016. Lewiston, Idaho.  Look... No kid ever said when they were little, "I want to be a cell tower landlord when I grow up."  Well actually... I kind of did.  Since I was just a wee lad, I've been enthralled with cell tower leasing-- the strategies, the negotiation process, the angry neighbors, the cement trucks and cranes.... Someday... I dreamed of having a cell tower built on my property. And then one day it happened. Our property was selected for cell tower development. The "trusted advisor" we hired who claimed to be a cell tower lease expert turned out to be a huge disappointment and we ended up spending a lot of money for nothing, and lost the deal to our neighbor who undercut our price.

I decided at that moment to become a cell tower leasing industry maven, not just a cell tower advisor or cell site lease consultant. Landlords needed more. They needed a CELL TOWER GENIUS. Fast forward to today... I've become a wireless industry landlord advocate and superhero, aka, your friendly neighborhood TELECOM LEASE GENIUS, working at TOWER GENIUS, who's been putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of cell tower landlords since 2008, making heads of wireless carriers and tower management companies spin, and causing cell tower attorneys throw their hands up in frustration as we level the playing field for customers.

Making my living as a CELL TOWER GENIUS is definitely a dream come true.  I'm proud to have assisted some of the finest telecom landlords across the United States with their Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Crown Castle, American Tower and SBA Communications cell site and cell tower lease reviews, tower valuations, carrier lease negotiations, cell tower lease amendments and cell tower lease buyouts. Heck, we also help landlords deal with the countless smaller (bottom feeder) tower companies that seem to spring up like gnats now and then. As their trusted TELECOM LEASE GENIUSES we're a cell tower landlord's best friend and often times, an answered prayer. We sleep well at night knowing that every day we put big smiles on our customer's faces and more money in their wallets.  So remember, the airwaves are full of advisors and self-ordained script reading "cell tower lease experts" that probably wouldn't qualify for a dog catcher job in your county.  There's only one place to speak with a TELECOM LEASE GENIUS.  Call TOWER GENIUS today at 888-313-9750.  

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